Be Observant

Quick entry here to remind you to be observant and always reading.  I just understood a novel concept that I didn’t even know existed.

Logarithmic v Linear graphs for stock market pricing.  I hadn’t realized that the best pricing charts were logarithmic until I had read an article’s comments thanking the author for displaying a logarithmic graph of the historical Dow as opposed to a linear graph.  I thought nothing of it until I saw another representation of the Dow in it’s linear form.  For those of you in the future reading this (and if you’re not, how ARE you reading this?) the other day the Dow hit 20k for the first time, even held it through close.  While I give little credence to the importance of this number or it’s relevance to crossing an imaginary base-10 barrier (does anyone care that the Dow passed 0x4E20? or 0100111000100000b? I thought not), it did shine light on this concept.